Visit the Amsterdam tulip fields

In springtime, Holland is full of flowers. Join us on our tour of the Amsterdam tulip fields for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Amsterdam in spring, don’t miss an Amsterdam tulip fields tour to the nearby tulip fields.

Visiting the Amsterdam tulip fields in the spring allows you to experience the breathtaking beauty of the world-famous Dutch tulips.

The Netherlands produces a staggering 70% of the world’s commercial flower output.

With Holland’s famous Flower Strip in full bloom, you’ll be surrounded on all sides by a rainbow of flowers: purple hyacinths, pink crocuses, countless varieties of tulips, and bright yellow daffodils.

Where to find the Amsterdam tulip fields?

The fields are just 45 minutes away from Amsterdam.

Our best tip for finding tulips in Amsterdam is the famous Keukenhof Spring Gardens and the arguably more famous striped tulip fields west of Amsterdam, near the North Sea coast.

During our Holland Windmills Springtime Tour from Amsterdam you visit both the Keukenhof and the tulip fields.

The spring, with its blooming bulbs and tulips season near Amsterdam, is stunning.

Highlights are the Keukenhof gardens, tulip fields Lisse, and the FloraHolland flower auctions.

Amsterdam tulip fields tour destinations

  • Keukenhof Gardens: with 7 million flower bulbs blooming over 32 hectares, there’s nowhere quite like the Keukenhof Garden. Every year from the end of March through the beginning of May the Keukenhof turns into the biggest flower garden in the world.
  • The Flower Strip: Stretching for 20 miles across the Dutch landscape, the Flower Strip’s incredible floral displays and vivid colors are simply magical. The Strip covers the area around the Keukenhof.
  • Flower Auction: Take a behind-the-scenes look at the flower trading center and auction process, and admire thousands of carts bursting with flowers. The Flower Auction, south of Amsterdam, is one of the biggest auction halls in the world.

A tour through this enormous building starts early in the morning when the flower producers come to sell their flowers and buyers start bidding.

Amsterdam tulip fields best period

The best tip we can give you about seeing tulips in Amsterdam is to come at the right time.

Yes, you may possibly see some ambitious tulips popping up out of the ground in February and March, and it’s possible that some of the slower flowers will be blooming in May, but the safest bet to see the Amsterdam tulip fields at their best is to come to Holland in late March to April.

If you want to see tulips everywhere, then you have to plan your visit for these two months.

Flower Parade

Another highlight in April is the Flower Parade in the Flower Strip.

In 2020 it will take place on the 25th of April. Dozens of floats (praalwagens) and cars will be magnificently decorated and covered in flowers, with intricate flower arrangements.

The custom of Flower Parades goes back as far as the Middle Ages. Many towns and regions in the Netherlands and Belgium hold parades every year.

There are about thirty parades in the Netherlands, but the one in the Flower Strip is the most famous. It is linked with the Keukenhof and commercial flower and bulb cultivation.

You can contact Holland Windmills to check the flower forecast. We make sure when and where to go, to see flowers in bloom.

Remember that Holland doesn’t only grow tulips, but also lots of different other flowers, each with its own blooming time. At Holland Windmills we know where to go and when, so make sure you book your tour in advance.

June, July, and August are not a good time to see flowers.

September Flower Parade

Flower fever doesn’t heat up again until the end of August and September, when the dahlias are at their best. You can see them in the south of The Netherlands.

September is the time for the largest Flower Parade in the world. During this Parade trucks with gigantic figures and scenes covered in dahlia’s are paraded through the little town of Zundert.

The flower parades are primarily a social phenomenon. The commitment of volunteers plays an important role.

The groups or neighborhoods that build a parade car form a very close-knit club. They build the parade wagon together and maintain the flower fields to decorate them. These activities and all the organizations around them are a huge job that takes hundreds of hours of work each year.

Especially for the larger parades, building the car is a major project. The moment the procession leaves, the car must be ready.

The element of competition is essential for all parades. An independent jury decides during the procession which group has the best car.

Amsterdam Tulip Fields bike tour

It is also possible to book a guided tulip field bike tour with us. A relaxed day trip just outside Amsterdam. Bike on an authentic Dutch bike through the colorful tulip fields in the Netherlands.

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