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Giethoorn village

Giethoorn village Netherlands

Giethoorn village Netherlands is a  picturesque village that attracts tourists from all over the world. You must visit Giethoorn at least once in your life. Join Holland Windmills on our day tour to this lovely village.  Giethoorn village Netherlands is … Read More

Giethoorn village

A day tour to Giethoorn village

Giethoorn village is an amazing ‘water village’ in The Netherlands. It’s a village with only canals. All transport is done with boats. There are no roads, only small pathways for pedestrians and bikes. Join us at Holland Windmills on a … Read More

Amsterdam castle

Amsterdam castle is a massive castle overlooking the Dutch landscape. Join us on our day tour to this and other castles near Amsterdam. Amsterdam castle Muiderslot dominates the mouth of the river Vecht and used to be the key to the … Read More